Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Ice Ball Maker {Review}

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* This is an advertorial. I received this product free in exchange for an honest review on my blog.

When I saw the opportunity to review the Ice Ball Maker I jumped at the chance, I think I was just really curious to see if it would work :)
Well, I am happy to say that it did!
I wish the shape of this cup didn't make the ice ball look lop-sided, it actually looked pretty cool.
This is what the tray looks like.
Each ice ball is about 2".
The tray is made out of a flexible silicone type material.
 To make the ice balls, place the top part of the tray over the bottom part, and pour water through the opening in the top of each mold.
This part was a little messy at first, I think it takes a little bit of patience. You need to fill the water up to the fill line, but the water kind of overflowed a little bit into the other molds, and out the side.
We dumped it out and started again, this time going a little slower.
After successfully filling the molds with water we placed the tray in the freezer.
My son was so excited to see how these would turn out, he asked me every few minutes if the ice was frozen yet.
I was reading through some of the reviews on Amazon, and someone had a brilliant idea of using the tray to make popsicles and put a stick through the hole! We will definitely be trying that out in the near future :)
After a little while in the freezer, voila!
An ice ball :)
 It was a perfectly round shape, but it did have a few pieces of ice sticking out the side where the excess water was.
We had family over on Monday for Memorial Day and had them put the ice balls in their drinks, and they were quite the hit :)
The ice balls do take longer than normal ice cubes to melt, leaving your drinks cold and undiluted.
I would have to say the only down side is you can only make 4 at a time, but if you are planning a get together, you can freeze some ice balls in advance and have enough for everyone!
You can order the Ice Ball Maker on Amazon at
or you can visit the Home-Complete website at to see the ice ball maker along with all of the other products for sale.
Enjoy your drinks this summer!

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